Professional vacuum bags 220/400mm

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Product type: Professional vacuum bags

Packaging: 100 pcs.
Size: 220 / 400 mm
Country of manufacture: Georgia

Detailed information:

High barrier laminate, designed for packaging food in an air-modified or vacuum environment.

Properties: Optimal optical properties, high strength and hardness, wide range of thermal welding, high threshold properties.

Appearance: straight, smooth, pressed without wrinkles, cracks, fissures and piercing holes. Absence of flesh, foreign tabs, sticky areas. It is possible to put a ring between the layers.

Strength during stretching: MPa 30 in the longitudinal direction, MPa 30 in the transverse direction,

Dynamic friction coefficient according to PE: 0.08-0.4

Film shelf life: 12 months.

Wrapping method: The finished product rolls are wrapped in tapes, arranged on substrates and fastened. Digital marking code – 7

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