Return policy

  1. Conditions for returning products/goods:

  • By following the rules defined by the Georgian legislation ("On Protection of Consumer Rights", which entered into law on June 1, 2022), products/goods can be returned within 14 calendar days.
  • The company has the right not to return the products/goods if no more than 14 calendar days have passed.

  1. Rules for returning products/goods:

  • When returning the product/goods, the product/goods must be accompanied by all accompanying parts and documents (if any) given at the time of purchase.

Company e-mail To the mail address: / tel: (032) 2 11 06 26 or through another communication channel

  • In case the return is initiated by the customer immediately after delivery, the case will be recorded in the information center by the courier and after that he will be given a receipt of the products/goods.

  1. Products/goods can be returned:

  • If the purchased products/goods differ from the products posted/described on the website
  • If the product/goods is damaged during transportation
  • If the customer has not received the purchased products/goods within the time specified by the delivery service after payment
  • If the product/goods has any manufacturing defects
  • In exceptional cases, the return of products/goods is possible independently of the conditions listed above, based on mutual agreement between the customer and the company.

  1. Products/goods cannot be returned:

  • If it was airtight, and after purchase, its airtightness was broken
  • If the item is made to order and fits your needs only
  • If you and the company agreed in advance that you would no longer have the right to return the item, you knew this and took full advantage of the service.
  • If it looks like it has been used/used etc

  1. Payment method:

  • The company is obliged to compensate the customer for 100% of the paid amount if: (see clause 3)
  • The company will compensate the customer for the cost of the purchased products/goods within no more than 15 working days.

  1. The procedure for reimbursement of the cost of transportation services:

The company reimburses the cost of transportation services when returning products/goods by the user, if:

  • The product/goods do not correspond to the specifications posted on the website
  • The product/goods has a factory defect
  • Products/goods are damaged during transportation

* Note: In all cases, the products/goods must be transported by the customer himself or he must reimburse the cost of the transportation service. The price is 10₾ for products/goods up to 30 kg, and 40₾ for 30 kg and more.

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