DOMESTOS ultra whitening chlorine liquid 810ml

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Product Type: Ultra whitening chlorine
Volume: 810gr
Country of manufacture: Turkey



information in details:
Universal cleanser removes: grease, bacteria, microbes and fungi.

Eliminates unpleasant odors, cleans dirt and grime


How to use:

Pour in to kill bacteria and let stand for 5 seconds and rinse well.

In case of strong contamination, pour and leave in the toilet and other bathrooms overnight.

Diluted gel is used for floors and various surfaces, mix 60 ml of Domestos with 5 liters of water.

Mix 15 ml for hand washing. 5 l. Soak in water for 45 minutes and wash off with washing powder (30 ml for hard-to-remove stains).

For the washing machine: Select the Prewash program, add the powder and pour in 127 ml of Domestos.

Storage conditions: Store in a protected, dry place, separate from food



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