Bona Oil soap 1L


ისარგებლე უფასო მიწოდებით მინიმუმ 100 ლარის შენაძენზე.

  • უსწრაფესი მიტანა
  • მრავალფეროვანი ანგარიშსწორების მეთოდები
Brand: BONA
Product type: Oil soap for wooden floor
Volume: 1L
Country of manufacture: Sweden


Detailed information:

Bona Oil Soap is a cleaning detergent made of saponified vegetable oil, specially designed for the regular cleaning and maintenance of oiled wooden floors. Effectively cleans and nourishes the surface, and also leaves it invisible a protective layer that adds shine to the floor.

Technical data:

Dilution: 0.2 litre to 10 litres of water – pH value: 9-10 (diluted) – Shelf life: 2 years from the date of production (unopened). – Storage conditions: not less than +5°C and not more than +25°C

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