GRASS Grill Professional Fat remover 600ml


ისარგებლე უფასო მიწოდებით მინიმუმ 100 ლარის შენაძენზე.

  • უსწრაფესი მიტანა
  • მრავალფეროვანი ანგარიშსწორების მეთოდები

Brand: GRASS
Product type: Fat remover

Volume: 600 ml
Country of manufacture: Russia



High quality fat remover. Effective for cleaning kitchen appliances!

Removes: burnt grease, soot, burnt food

Cleans the following equipment: Grill, oven, fryer, The hood

Is designed for the following surfaces: Cast, iron, chrome-plated and enamel surface, Clay and porcelain surface


Additional information:

Leaves no stains



Use gloves when using!

Use only as intended!

Keep out of reach of children!

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